The Five Must-Do’s for a Funtastic Newport Bachelorette Party

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Maybe party-planning is your jam. Or maybe it isn’t. Regardless, you don’t have to be a professional party planner to arrange a remarkable and fabulously fun Newport Bachelorette Party. Whether you are the bride-to-be herself, the maid of honor, a trusted friend, or a family member, you can do it all with just a little help. To make it easier, here is a list of the top five must-do group activities for a most-memorable Newport bachelorette party experience.

The Roof Deck at The Vanderbilt Resort

Bachelorette Parties and the Vanderbilt in Newport

Incredible cocktails and wine. A scene to be seen. Profoundly luxurious. And astonishing views. It is . . . The Roof Deck at The Vanderbilt Resort. Let the rarified roof be one of the high points of your Newport bachelorette party. After you saunter through the art-decorous interior of The Vanderbilt, you will take the elevator up to the roof and, voilà, a panoramic view encompassing all of Newport Harbor to infinity, the Newport Bridge, and beyond. Get your buzz on ladies. A creative cocktail collection awaits you. Champagne and prosecco tempt you. The vibe, including magical music, will awaken the hipster within. Your group of fiesta friends will want to dress in resort casual, and be prepared for some wind. (The fabulous fashionista hat brimming with style you bought for that Kentucky Derby party may look great, but save it for Newport Polo.) Sundresses could get the Marilyn Monroe-treatment as well but, hey, it worked for her. Break out the cameras Devine Divas, but be wary if someone says, “move just a little bit back.”

Newport Polo

newport polo bachelorette party

Well, you might not meet Richard Gere, but lots of pretty women – not to mention you – as well as handsome men, sip cocktails and cheer on the polo ponies at historic Newport Polo. (Actually, celebrities from time-to-time, yes, are known to appear.) The oldest polo club in America is ideal for a stylish component of your Newport bachelorette party. Newport Polo offers matches late afternoon on Saturdays, June through September. Now this is a time to wear that British wedding, otherwise, Kentucky Derby, hat. Summer sun wear abounds, including lots of colorful power-casual dresses. You’ll find minis to maxis, florals to flounces. (Then again, there is that form-fitting trouser look or capris that are always fashionable among the active set, but avoid jodhpurs unless you just jumped off of your thoroughbred.) Almost needless to say, you probably would not want to wear jeans. Whatever is your style, have fun with it! Casual shoes are a must. Newport Jaguar ToursIt may be tempting to wear stylish heels or wedges with your fabulous outfit, but you’ll want to carry your cocktail out onto the pitch at the half to stomp the divots with appropriate shoes. It’s a primetime people-meeting opportunity! Ticket and seating options vary from pavilion seating with café-table drink service, to the lawn (bring your own chairs or blanket, picnicking and your own beverages are welcome), to Grandstand (purchase cocktails at a walk-up bar), to Tailgates and Chalets (bring your own food and beverages.) There is also a Luxury Polo Lounge that may be available, with catered food and a dedicated bar. Predicting the weather is a horse of a different color.

Take sail with 12 Meter Yacht Charters or The Schooner Adirondack II

12 meter charters newport

Newport is known as The Sailing Capital of the World, and so it would be a bit of a nautical no-no for your Newport Bachelorette Party to leave town without experiencing full sail, the wind in your hair, and a cocktail in your hand. And why not sail on an official 12-meter yacht, from the best years of The America’s Cup competition? The fleet of 70-foot-long, actual-Cup competitor yachts from 12 Meter Yacht Charters are just magnificent. Alcoholic beverages are permitted on private-yacht charters only. If your budget demands, a group of other passengers on board may be more affordable, as well as offering the purchase of wine, beer and prosecco on The Schooner Adirondack ll. The wooden schooner harks back to sailing days of yore, but it is quite comfortable. Consider bringing a light sweater, because it sometimes gets cool out on the water. Boat shoes or athletic shoes, white not black, are good, and don’t give yourself a headache — not to mention a broken ankle — by trying to get onboard with heels. Sunglasses and sunscreen are probably a good idea during a day sail. Wearing nautical niceties onboard is always fun. How about presenting the bride-to-be with nautical charms and a bracelet from Rhode Island-based jewelry creator Alex and Ani. (Or, if you are the bride-to-be organizing your Newport Bachelorette Party, you can give one to all of the gals. Set sail in Newport ladies! You will love it!

The Lawn at Castle Hill Inn

the lawn at castle hill inn

Quite simply, The Lawn is legendary. Located on a hill precisely where the Atlantic meets Narragansett Bay, The Lawn at the Castle Hill Inn is an extraordinary Newport cocktail experience. An afternoon soirée, or a sensational sunset, are among the delights your Newport bachelorette party can enjoy as you soak-in amazing views. Gorgeous yachts sail by, as do gorgeous yachtsmen themselves, moving into the Adirondack chairs beside you. You can make a lunch or dinner reservation for tables on the terrace, but the chairs on the lawn are offered on a first-come, first-served basis only.

The Lawn at Castle Hill Bachelorette partyA little hint: arriving in separate cars, as opposed to a van, will improve your chances of getting past the gatehouse.Your best dress-to-impress resort wear is de rigueur. And consider this good advice: if the lawn is a little wet, spikey heels might give you that sinking feeling.

The Bodhi Spa for Relaxing and Rejuvenating

bodhi spa newport ri

Ah, yes, there’s nothing like a spa treatment during a Newport bachelorette party to get your celebration juices flowing – or to recover from the adventures of the previous night!  Conveniently located, The Bodhi is an independent spa that can sooth the minds and bodies of a group of ladies, focusing on healing through the application of water in any form:  hot, cold, steam, or ice. New England’s premier hydrotherapy spa offers a broad menu of treatments and delights including facials, massages, body treatments, enhancements, and a group/private experience that is extraordinary. Whispering is required, but your group will not be whispering when you leave after indulging in a one-of-a kind relaxing and rejuvenating respite.

Newport Vineyards

bachelorette parties newport jaguar toursIt’s the closest vineyard to downtown Newport but, more than that, if you are a casual sipper or a total oenophile, Newport Vineyards may be the closest thing to Heaven. It has masterful wine of course, available in lovely flights for tasting. As a bonus there is also an in-house brewery, a devine restaurant, and an amazing store filled with fine vintages and other wine accoutrement. Just as important to you, it has indoor and outdoor seating with lovely views, and can accommodate large groups. Currently, reservations are required for any-sized party on most days, particularly Saturdays.

Newport Jaguar Tours

bachelorette party newport ri

Newport Jaguar Tours offers a chance to experience quintessential Newport with guided private tours in stylish classic Jaguar motorcars. In fact, the local tour guide specializes in Newport bachelorette parties, customizing a tour to your liking. Oh, behave! Popular tour themes, or elements that can be mixed and matched, include The Grand Tour; Wine Tastings (two to four wineries); Libation Destinations (cocktails); The Farm Coast; Scenic Beauty & Nature; The Kennedys in Newport; Hollywood in Newport; and much more. (You may be interested to know that NJT can also assist with tough-to-get reservations at local wineries.)

newport bachelorette parties

Newport Jaguar Tours has become famous for its Gourmet Champagne Picnics at a secret ocean overlook, rain or shine. Stylish picnic baskets with real china, silverware and glassware are included, as are comfy blankets, pillows, and chairs. The bachelorette picnic typically comes with award-winning local champagne, fresh lobster, and other local farm-to-table culinary delights.

Passengers Can Drink in Rhode Island

It is legal for your group to consume wine or beer on any excursion with Newport Jaguar Tours to enhance your Newport bachelorette party experience. Newport Jaguar Tours will see to it that you have real glasses and coolers for your classic bachelorette event. Be safe. Why drive yourself or be in an impersonal van or boring limo when amazing photos await with your stylish, classic, Jags? (Even if it is a dreamy London-fog look.)

Planning a Large Bachelorette Party in Newport

Newport Jaguar ToursOf course, you will want your group to share the same experience. Newport Jaguar Tours connects multiple Fab Jag motorcars, so a larger group will hear the same live, guided tour and, more important, hear each other through the cars’ speakers. If you want to play music from your own playlist, you can use your phone and connect to your motorcar’s amazing speaker system. The large Jag XJ8 “saloon” motorcars fit up to four passengers, and the classic red Jag XK8 convertible fits two passengers.

Looking ahead at your wedding, Newport Jaguar Tours’ all-white, inside and out, Jaguar Vanden Plas makes for an ideal bridal, groomal, or same-sex wedding car. (Who said no one can just make up a word?) And the classic red Jag convertible is the perfect getaway car, with incredible photo opportunities.

Newport bachelorette party tours from Newport Jaguar Tours can be half- or full-day events, and deliver you to multiple locations and fun activities, all weekend if you wish. The memories, not to mention selfies and group shots, will last a lifetime.

Okay, that’s seven Must-Do’s, but they’re all wonderful, should not be missed, and can easily be combined. Were you actually counting?